Space-Based Solar Power

a public discussion sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation

Team Leaders

Wearing their Space Frontier Foundation hats (get yours here) as leaders of this public discussion:


Margo Deckard is CEO and owner of Space Policy Consulting, Inc, and the manager of the Space Frontier Foundation’s Space Solar Power Project. In 2000, she was the principal investigator for a NASA-funded study that reintroduced SSP to the environmental community, and gathered input from this community on perceived costs and benefits of this technology.


Colonel M.V. “Coyote” Smith, is a PhD student in the strategic studies program under Professor Colin Gray at the University of Reading in the UK. His PhD thesis proposes a spacepower theory to define, categorize, explain, connect, and anticipate economic and security activities in space. Until September 2007, he was the Chief of Future Concepts (Dream Works) for the National Security Space Office at the Pentagon, and the Director of the Space-Based Solar Power Study. He, along with the other military members of the Caballeros, received the National Space Society’s 2008 Space Pioneer Award for their innovative work leading the Space-Solar Power Study Group and completing the Phase 0 Interim Assessment. His first book, Ten Propositions Regarding Spacepower, is considered a foundational work for understanding spacepower.

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