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Obama Team Asking for Public Input on Space-Based Solar Power

Posted by Coyote on December 13, 2008

Fellow Advocates and Skeptics of Space-Based Solar Power

A few weeks ago, the Space Frontier Foundation (and another group that wishes to remain nameless) submitted a white paper on Space-Based Solar Power to the Obama transition team. Over the weekend this white paper was posted to the “Change.Gov” website by the Obama transition team to acquire public feedback on the idea that Space Solar Power (as it is called in the white paper) should be part of a balanced federal portfolio of energy research and development.

The Space Frontier Foundation’s white paper was among the first 10 white papers posted by the Obama transition team, and it is the only white paper on space (so far).

We clearly have the attention and interest of senior Obama policy officials.

In just a few days, there are over 200 comments from the public so far on the concept of new national initiative to invest in Space Solar Power. Quite a few of the comments are critical, and recommend that we continue to invest nothing in Space Solar Power.

If ever there was a time to participate in a discussion about nation’s future in space, it is now.

Your voice needs to be heard now.

If you want to make a difference in our nation’s future, then go to This will take you to the Change.Gov website where you can engage in this critical debate on whether America should invest in Space Solar Power.


Coyote (credit for authorship goes to Charles “Chazmanian Devil” Miller.)


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