Space-Based Solar Power

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Space-Based Solar Power Breakthrough to Be Announced

Posted by Robin on September 12, 2008

First-of-a-Kind Long-Distance Demonstration of Solar-Powered Wireless Power Transmission Technology

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following event announcement was released by the National Space Society:

What: Space solar power could be a clean, renewable solution to America’s long-term energy needs. John C. Mankins, former manager of NASA’s Exploration Systems Research and Technology Program, and one of the foremost experts on space solar power, will announce on Friday a milestone demonstration of the critical technology enabling SSP: long-distance, solar-powered wireless power transmission.

The project demonstrated wireless power transmission between two Hawaiian islands 148 kilometers apart, more than the distance from the surface of Earth to the boundary of space.

It will be featured in an hour-long special that evening on Discovery Channel as part of DISCOVERY PROJECT EARTH, an eight-part series on the most ambitious geo-engineering ideas to tackle global climate change and the need for new and sustainable energy sources.

Space-based solar power, in which large satellites would collect plentiful solar energy in orbit and beam it safely down to Earth, could one day reduce our carbon emissions to virtually zero. It is the only energy technology that is clean, renewable, constant and capable of providing power to virtually any location on Earth.

Mankins will describe the demonstration project and show a realistic plan forward to develop this promising technology.

Friday, September 12, 2008 at 9:30am

National Press Club, Lisagor Room
529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor
Washington, DC 20045

John C. Mankins, COO of Managed Energy Technologies LLC
Mark Hopkins, Senior Vice President, National Space Society

Hosted by:
National Space Society

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6 Responses to “Space-Based Solar Power Breakthrough to Be Announced”

  1. sounds like something off james bond. just hope it is used for positive means and not as some sort of weapon

  2. Coyote said

    Total Solar Energy: No worries, we are insisting on commercial development of the concept, broad international consortia ownership, and broad international customership. This is an effort to avoid wars for energy resources. Glad you are reading. Stay in touch.


  3. sunny said

    In few years time, the use of solar power will be commercialized and it will be the mainstream of energy source.

  4. Frank said

    I would like to point you onto my presentation about a direct launchable Solar Sail Power Station, which might serve as a demonstator spacecraft for space based power production and transmission to Earth.

    It would deploy more solar cell array with one single launch as the ISS carries now after years of construction works.

    Best wishes


  5. P Call said

    I think solar power needs to improve just a little more until it is a mainstream source of power, but we’re not far off and the improvements in recent years have been incredible.

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